Compounding Pharmacy



Compounds allow a prescriber to treat a patient with a variety of drug combinations, dosage forms, and dosages that otherwise may not be commercially available.
Our clinical pharmacy team’s focus is on providing prescribers with the answers they need to optimize their patient’s customized treatment plan.
All compound medications created at Invictus pass through several stages of quality assurance and control, and are prepared within our state-of-the-art laboratory in accordance with USP 795.


Niche of Compounds

Compounds occupy a much-needed niche in the world of modern medicine. They allow providers to tailor treatment regimens that are specific for their patients. Common customizations that can bring value providers and patients are:

  • Alternate dosage forms (i.e. Topical pain compounds vs Oral NSAIDs/Opioids)
  • Higher/Lower dosage strengths of commercially available medications
  • Multimodal Therapy (combining active drugs with different mechanisms of action to achieve desired therapeutic effect)
  • Backordered medications