Prior Authorization


That are high cost and meant to treat complex disease states often require prior authorizations from insurance
companies before the treatment is covered.

The insurance companies review the patient’s health status and medical condition to determine if the medication
meets their criteria for medical necessity.


are now routine when it comes to specialty medications and can become overly burdensome for prescribers trying to treat their patients with these high cost drugs. In many instances, prior authorizations can consume much of a medical office’s time and resources, thus contributing to delays in patient treatments and overwork for office staff.

Invictus Pharmacy has the necessary protocols in place in order to help alleviate the burden of prior authorizations on a prescriber’s office. Our team of highly trained nurses and pharmacists know what they’re doing when it comes to prior authorizations and can handle the process from A to Z.

prescribers who

utilize Invictus for their specialty needs have found their average turn around time for prior authorizations decreased
and patient satisfaction increased. This results in increased time for office staff to handle the other necessary tasks of
running a professional medical practice, and results in patients getting the treatment they need faster.