Wellness Pharmacy

At Invictus Pharmacy, we consider Retail pharmacy beyond just dispensing prescriptions.

At our Wellness Pharmacy, dedicated staff including pharmacists, Pharmacy Interns and technicians
take out to time to individually understand each patient’s unique needs.

Our Wellness Pharmacy offers a large inventory of prescription medications which are ready to be filled, reviewed and prepared for dispensing the same day or delivered for free to the patient’s home, work or physicians office. We provide several packaging options for those that have trouble opening vials or remembering to take their medication on daily-basis. Our knowledgeable pharmacist with doctorate degrees in pharmacy provide personalized consultation in order for the patient to feel knowledgeable and confident about his/her medications since this leads to successful optimization of therapy.

Medication Sync

Medication Sync is a program Invictus Pharmacy offers complimentary to its patients that are on multiple maintenance medications. Our program synchronizes patient’s refills to a single day of the month, alleviating patient the hassle of remembering multiple refill due dates . Simplifying the refill process can make managing multiple medications easier for both patients and caregivers, as the process reduces the amount of refill dates patients have to manage and helps tackle the growing problem of polypharmacy.

Affordable Pricing

As prescription costs keep rising, our Cash-Paying Patients can brag about how much they save with us. Invictus pharmacy negotiates with regional drug distributors and manufacturers to
obtain competitive pricing which we pass on to our loyal customers. And since we are NOT a Franchise Chain Pharmacy, we don’t need to constantly increase prices to keep up with investor’s demands. For patients with private insurance plans, please keep in mind that your insurance company stipulates what you pay for your co-payment.

Home/Office Delivery

Invictus provides same-day home or office delivery to patients completely free of charge. In addition, deliveries can be made to provider offices or patient’s place of work as necessary.

Immunization Clinic

Conveniently located within our pharmacy locations in a private room, immunizations
are done by a licensed and certified immunizing pharmacist. We provide an array of immunizations for adults over 18 years of age as allowed by State and Federal law.

Vaccinations Include

  • Influenzae
  • Pneumococcal
  • Hepatitis B
  • Shingles
  • MMR
  • Meningococcal
  • HPV